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Integrity Album is out on 19th August on all major platforms!

I have been writing the Integrity album from the start of 2021 lockdown and now I can finally say it has taken the best part of a year to complete the Integrity album so I am very excited to share this all with you. To reward my listeners for voting me up the charts at no 1 with So Close - I have knocked down the price of the Integrity album to just 8 GBP - early bird sale!! My pre-save link can be found here in case you want to pre-add or pre-save into iTunes or Spotify. Wix told me that they do not accept music album coupons at present so instead I have slashed the price down!! that way you still get a discount as usually the album retails at 12 GBP. I really hope you will all enjoy the new music - there are definitely a few party tracks on there!! and the funny song at the end ie. I shrunk your pants - well I did that for a couple of close friends. I said in my interview with UK Talk Radio - I wanted to have a spectrum of diversified pop tracks and I hope that this album will achieve that. Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading what I have to say about it all :) I also have it up on Soundcloud for anyone who prefers that platform too - I have to say I love to Dolby Master on Soundcloud - its really great too! The order of the album is on my home page - Soundcloud seems to have put it in alphabetical order on my Soundcloud page.

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