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Discover Barbara Craig's YouTube Channel, Merch Store, and Music

Are you looking for new music to add to your playlist? Do you want to support independent artists and get some stylish merchandise? Look no further than Barbara Craig's online world! In this blog post, we will explore Barbara Craig's YouTube channel which can be found here, her merch store which can be found here, and music, and explain why you should check them out.

YouTube Channel: Barbara Craig is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland who shares her original songs and covers on her YouTube channel here. Her videos feature her soulful voice, acoustic guitar, and heartfelt lyrics. Some of her most popular uploads include "So Close" which got to no 1 in the UK Talk Radio Charts for three weeks in July 2022. "Out of the Blue" - a piece she wrote for the Geoff Carter Breakfast Show and "Believe It" which is a humourous piece about chat-up lines. Barbara's channel has over 6,000 subscribers and 100k views, and her fans appreciate her authenticity, vulnerability, and talent. If you haven't watched her videos yet, you're missing out on a true gem!

Merch Store: Barbara Craig also has a merch store on her YouTube channel, where you can find t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more directly here. Her designs are minimalistic, elegant, and meaningful, and they showcase her logo, lyrics, and artwork. Some of her most popular items include the "You Have Gotta Go Your Own Way" t-shirt, the "You Have Gotta Go Your Own Way" phone case, and the "So Close" hoodie. By purchasing from her store, you can support Barbara's music career and show your love for her music in a stylish way.

Music: Barbara Craig's music is available on her website,, where you can buy her albums, singles, and sheet music. Her music is a blend of folk, blues, and pop, and it showcases her versatility, creativity, and story-telling. Her lyrics are relatable, honest, and inspiring, and her melodies are catchy, emotional, and memorable. Some of her most popular songs include "So Close," "We Can Do Better," and "Orbit". By buying her music, you can enjoy her artistry and support her passion.

Conclusion: Barbara Craig is a talented and genuine artist who deserves more recognition and support. Her YouTube channel, merch store, and music offer something for everyone who appreciates good music, creative design, and meaningful messages. By watching her videos, buying her merchandise, and listening to her music, you can connect with Barbara's vision, and become part of her community. So don't hesitate, check out Barbara Craig's online world today, and spread the word about her amazing talent!

Barb's Monet Art

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